...The story of a girl in London, England


Odes and Other Poetry


Ode to a Farmer’s Market

The dust that kicks and whirls

Among the feet of so many

Somebody’s, carefully unaware

Of whose prints went before,

Drifts into my vision like

The speckled air within a

Shaft of sunlight, caught lilting

And falling with the breeze.


Ode to Rain

The panes are rivulets of glass

Sliding through transparency

And on into oblivion.


Ode to the Library


Their cracking spines, the smell of leather,

Encasing me in word and letter.

But how on earth do I begin?

I run my hands along their skin,

The words and phrases held within.

These rows of thoughts stacked far above

My head, like abbey walls I love

To find a sanctuary under,

Never bothered, left to wonder

At the smell of thought that’s here…

Far too many, far too dear.




Would you men stop your whining?

Your pining? Your sighing?

I’m sick to my stomach,

Don’t act like you’re dying.

I know that you aren’t,

I see you’ve got breath

To make all these pathetic

Laments at my breast.

So you must be alright,

(Or at least right enough)

To get out of my hair

‘Fore I knock your block off!


A Man Is Like A China Cup


A man is like a china cup:

You choose it,

Use it,

Drink it up.

And then one day by some slight slip,

You drop that cup from where it sits

And there he shatters on the floor…

No matter! There are many more.


Thoughts of a Copy Center Attendant


I am taped upon the wall like so many scribbled notes,

Once important, long forgotten…

A phone number, the price of lamination in 1992,

An old account code for the College of Family Life,

And the serial number for an old copy machine: GYA 736718.

I am a fixture here, a memory.

I am in the handwriting, I am in the changes.

I am in 1/3 of the billing statements,

And the other 2/3—created by those I taught to create.

I am so much a part of the sound of the sheets being fed to the printer

That I am lost in the sound… myself being fed to the system.

I am to be heated, inked, and set to dry, along with all the rest.